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Eden Beck

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Wolf Bonded

Wolfish Book One

A year on the run, and this is where it’s led me. 

North Port, Washington—the last place you’d expect to run into a pack of wolf shifters. 

Especially when up until now, I didn't know they existed.

When I first arrive, Rory, Marlowe, and Kaleb are about as eager to tell me the truth of their nature as I am to call up my abusive father and let him know exactly where to find me. They have a reputation to uphold and me … I have a reputation to avoid. I need to stay hidden. I need to stay safe.

Or else he’ll find me, just as he always has.

But there’s a problem with that.

I’m not very good at staying hidden, and these boys…they’re not very good at keeping secrets. 

Between the four of us, we’re bound to run into chaos. Just like we’re bound in other ways.

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Wolf Broken

Wolfish Book Two

This thing with Rory, Marlowe, and Kaleb … this isn’t a relationship. 

It’s an entanglement. 

It’s been months since they promised they’d never leave me, that they’d protect me, yet still they keep me at arm’s length. Their world is a mystery to me, a thing veiled in shadows. No matter how much I try to get to know them, I’m only allowed to know one half of them.

The other half, the wolf shifter half, they keep from me.

What they don’t understand is that in order for me to be with them, I need to know all of them.

I need to be let into their world.

I need to be one of them.

But that would mean breaking the one rule that’s impossible to break.

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Wolf Bargain

Wolfish Book Three

There are too many wolf shifters in North Port, Washington. 

Even so, if all goes according to plan then there will soon be one more.

There are so many promises that have been made since I arrived in North Port, Washington, but there are even more that’ve been broken. Romulus might have promised to turn me despite his blood oath to his brother, but I won’t believe it until it happens. 

Not after everything he—and the rest of the Gray family—have put me through.

It should be no wonder that I’ve put my guard up.

Becoming a wolf shifter is even more complicated than I thought it would be. It’s more than simply participating in a moonlit ceremony. It’s learning a new set of rules, a new way of life. And it’s not a simple one.

In fact, the further I delve into shifter culture, the more complicated things become. Especially when Remus and his pack decide to turn back up again. And as usual, they do it at the most inopportune moment.

And Remus…this time, he crosses a line that cannot be uncrossed. This time his betrayal is unforgivable. 

There’s only one way this is going to end. 

Whether or not I end up joining Rory, Marlowe, and Kaleb as a shifter at their side, one thing is certain. 

Blood will be spilled in North Port, Washington—the only question now, is whose? 

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