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Hawthorne Holy Trinity

Eden Beck


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Dirty Liars

Hawthorne Holy Trinity Book One

I’m going to steal a dead girl’s life. 

After all…it isn’t like she needs it anymore. 

Hawthorne Academy is my ticket to a second chance, a new start, a clean slate. I’m used to starting over but the New York foster care system has nothing on this place. By the end of my first day at school, I’ve already made enemies with the last people I want pissed off, and they’re going to make sure I pay.

It’s a twisted game they play, but if I want this new life to work out… I won’t just lie down and take it.

Sadie White might be dead, but Teddy Price is very, very much alive. And for the first time in my life, I think I have something worth fighting for.


Something’s wrong with the new girl. She isn’t like us. She doesn’t fall into line. 

There’s a hierarchy that must be respected, and it’s our job to show her where she stands. Only one thing matters here at Hawthorne Academy, and it’s what we say goes.

We’re Hawthorne’s Holy Trinity: Astor, Blair, and Wills.

Maybe it’s sacrilegious.

Maybe we like it that way.

One thing’s for sure. Sadie White must be taught a hard lesson…but it doesn’t mean we’re not going to enjoy it in the process. 

Dirty Fraud

Hawthorne Holy Trinity Book Two

I stole a life. In return, I lost everything. 

After a semester lying and cheating my way through Hawthorne Academy, I can’t say I didn’t get what I deserved. That doesn’t make it hurt any less.

I came to Hawthorne for a new life, but that new life keeps turning out a whole lot like my old one. I’m barely scraping by in class, hated by everyone, and ignored by the people I care about the most. 

Try as I might to keep my head down and move on, I can’t. I can’t stay silent. I can’t be ignored. Astor, Wills, and Blair are going to hear what I have to say—if it’s the last thing I do. 


We should have known better than trusting the new girl. This time, we won’t make the same mistake. 

She used us. She lied to us. She’s a fraud.

We knew she was trouble, but still we let her in.

It won’t happen again, and nothing she can say to us is going to change our minds. 


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Ditry Revenge Final cover.jpg

Dirty Revenge

Hawthorne Holy Trinity Book Three

I’ve had enough of being bullied. It’s time for revenge. 

I stood by while I was humiliated, tortured, and treated like I didn’t exist. Wills, Blair, and even Astor, in his own way, have atoned for their sins. But Victoria Waldorf crossed a line. Some things should not be forgiven.

It’s my last semester at Hawthorne Academy, and I’m going to make it count. 

I know exactly where to start.


Once united, now divided. 

The Hawthorne Holy Trinity is no more.

We aren’t the only students picking sides. Teddy Price showed up at Hawthorne and changed everything. There’s just a few short months left to end what we started.

But we aren’t sure what that means anymore.

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Hawthorne Holy Trinity 
Box Set

Books One - Three

They’re called the Hawthorne Holy Trinity, but there’s nothing holy about them. 

Ever since I arrived here, they’ve been giving me hell.

I thought Hawthorne Academy was going to be my ticket to a new life—so much so, that I stole a dead girl’s life to be here. But this new life, this stolen life, is not all it’s cracked up to be.

From the moment I step onto the hallowed grounds of the school, I can feel the sharks begin to circle. It’s like they can smell my good-for-nothing blood. It serves as a reminder. I might look like one of them, but I’ll never be one of them.

Not really. And certainly not so long as The Holy Trinity has it out for me.

Blair Rashnikov. 

William Stryker. 

Astor Hawthorne. 

These are the names of the boys who would have me suffer.

These are the names of the boys I cannot get out of my head.

Get the whole series now in this single volume.

Hawthorne Holy Trinity (The Complete Series) contains the following books:

Book 1: Dirty Liars
Book 2: Dirty Fraud
Book 3: Dirty Revenge 


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