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Asylum Bound

Analeigh Ford

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A House So Mad

Asylum Bound Book One

This isn’t your ordinary asylum, and these aren’t your ordinary patients. 


Ashford isn't the sort of place you’re sent to get better, it’s the sort of place you’re sent to be forgotten.


Thalia already knows that from the moment she arrives. Long abandoned by the families who put them away to begin with, this place has had to develop its own sort of hierarchy to keep from falling apart.


And it all starts with Price, Ives, and Kingsley—the self-proclaimed princes of Ashford Asylum as untouchable as they are cruel. Price, the boy whose mere presence makes the mind go mad. Ives, whose temper makes the whole asylum go into panic. And Kingsley. Kingsley, the greatest threat of all…mostly because he’s as unpredictable as he is vicious.


Tempered only by the fact that he shares his body with a boy as kind as he is dangerous. The three of them think they can bully the rest of the inmates into submission, force them to bow to their reign…but there’s one little problem. Thalia doesn’t run from chaos.


She embraces it.


Unlike the rest of the inmates, she’s no victim. She’s dealt with bullies like them all her life. Anything they do to her, she’ll do ten times worse. Let them try to bruise her, she’ll break them. If she doesn’t get out of there first. There’s only one problem with that—no one leaves Ashford Asylum.


Not until now. Not if Thalia has anything to do with it. Not when the voices are telling her otherwise.


A House So Cruel

Asylum Bound Book Two

There's something wrong with the inmates at Ashford Asylum. 


And Thalia is no exception.


From the moment she set foot in this place, escape was the one thing on her mind. Until now.


Until she started to wonder if maybe she belongs here.

It's more than madness that haunts these crooked halls. In fact, it might not be madness at all, but something darker. Something that drew them here to this place in the first place. Something that makes them all stay.


Try as they might not to, even the self-proclaimed princes of this place start to see it too.


Price. Ives. Kingsley. Bentley.


They might have run this place for a decade before Thalia arrived, but they can’t do it anymore. Not without her.


Not when even they couldn’t break her.


When Thalia first arrived at the Asylum, staying inside its walls was the worst fate she could imagine. But as the truth of how she got in here in the first place comes out, she starts to wonder which is worse?

Leaving the asylum knowing there’s not one person left outside these walls who she can trust…or staying inside, where at least she has allies.


More than allies, she has friends. Lovers.


People who know her. Understand her. Care for her, even. People who won’t look at her gifts as a curse.

They say no one leaves Ashford Asylum. Now she’s starting to understand why.


A House So Cruel JPEG COVER.jpg

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A House So Dark

Asylum Bound Prequel (Short Story)

Some call it grief.


Some call it madness.


When Thalia Novak’s parents die in an unexpected accident, it’s all too much for her to handle. She’s spent a lifetime trying to keep the voices at bay, to keep them a secret, but this time their screams can’t be ignored.


And neither can Thalia’s.


Not too far away, it’s a very different body causing a very different problem. It’s not the first body to be carted off from Ashford under suspicious circumstances.


And unless something changes, it won’t be the last.


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