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Feral Mates

Eden Beck

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Alpha Rejected

Feral Mates Book One

I was not their intended target. 

But still, I’m the one left dealing with the consequences. 

I was already an outcast before that fateful night at the bar—the night a rejected alpha sank his teeth into my neck and set the course of my fate straight towards hell itself.

Because now only one of two things will happen.

Either I’ll become a monster like them, a beast of the night that can shift into a giant, murderous wolf.

Or I’m going to die.

I don’t know which fate is worse. 

At first I hate them. My captors. My abductors.

Elon, the abandoned.

Teague, the banished.

Roman, the rejected. 

I might not have been their intended target, but when the alpha who hired them comes to collect … suddenly, they’re not ready to hand me over. We must find their original mark, or else the hunters will become the hunted.

And I’ll be the one who suffers the most.

By the time the next full moon rises, my old life is as good as dead…if the mistakes of my new pack don’t catch up to them and kill us all first. 

Alpha Rising

Feral Mates Book Two

The alpha has returned to his pack. 

But our welcome is far from warm. 

After all, we’ve brought with us a slew of problems.

A turned human.

A rogue succubus.

A rival pack on our heels. 

I’m not dead yet, but whether or not I make it out alive is still yet to be seen. Roman, Elon, and Teague might do their best to protect me, but they can only do so much. Especially when it seems like their entire world is out to get me.

And it’s not just the shifters. 

We’ve awoken an ancient rivalry, one that can only end one way. In the shedding of blood.

In Roman’s absence the Nashville pack has fallen into chaos—a pack now hardly fitting to protect us from Rylan’s impending ruin. But they’re all we have.

And Roman … Roman is all they have. All their hope.

And he won’t take his place, so it’s going to have to fall on someone else to do it.

That someone, it seems, is me.

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Alpha Returned

Feral Mates Book Three

One month as a shifter, and it’s already up to me to save the pack. 

But to do that, I’m going to have to marry the enemy. 

It’s a cruel twist of fate that’s left me marked as Rylan’s mate…but not as cruel as he is. From the moment I step into the compound where he bases his army of shifters, he makes one thing very clear.

He will be obeyed. 

At all costs.

Taken hundreds of miles away from my own pack into new territory, I soon find I may have more allies than I anticipated. Not all at the compound are loyal to Rylan. I might be trapped here, but at least I’m not alone.

Or I won’t be for long. 

If Roman, Teague, and Elon don’t find me soon…the demons will. 

A war is brewing, and I’ve found myself placed at the very center of it.

I’ve made the ultimate sacrifice to save my mates, my adopted pack…but it still might not be enough.

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