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The Wicked Brotherhood

Eden Beck


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The Wicked Brotherhood Book One

The first problem with Bleakwood Academy for Boys is The Brotherhood. Vicious. Ruthless. Untouchable. They are the gods of these hallways, the rest of us mere mortals.

The second problem is me. 

Mostly, because I’m a girl.

It was never my intention to lie my way into an all-boys boarding school, but here I am—and now that I’m here, I intend to stay.

No matter the cost.




These boys, this Brotherhood, are as impossibly handsome as they are vile. From the day I arrive at Bleakwood they’re determined to break me. To them it’s a game, a right of passage.

But to me, it’s my life.

I thought my biggest challenge at this school was going to be hiding the fact that I’m a girl, but I was wrong. My biggest challenge is finding a way to leave Bleakwood in something other than a body bag. 

These boys might call themselves a Brotherhood, but I know what they really are.

And what they are is wicked. 



The Wicked Brotherhood Book Two

I thought I was finished with The Wicked Brotherhood. 

But it seems The Wicked Brotherhood isn’t finished with me. 

And they aren’t the only ones

I survived my first semester at Bleakwood. Barely. 

Now I just have to do it again.

From the moment I step back into these hallowed halls, it’s clear that it’s not going to be any easier the second time around. Not when it isn’t just The Brotherhood who suddenly has it out for me.

Ever since I arrived at Bleakwood Academy for Boys, someone has been trying to use me, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise when Dean Robin—or Headmistress Robin, depending on who you’re talking to—is the next to jump in line. 

What she’s asking me to do will put me and quite possibly the whole future of Bleakwood in jeopardy, but I have no choice but to help her or she’ll expose me for what I really am.

If Jasper and The Brotherhood don’t do it first.

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You will be routed to Amazon for ebook orders.


You will be routed to Amazon for ebook orders.


The Wicked Brotherhood Book Three

The Wicked Brotherhood is no longer invincible. 

But neither am I. 

I have been betrayed so many times at Bleakwood Academy for Boys.

First, by The Brotherhood.




Second, by the head of the nearby girls’ school. Headmistress Robin pretended to be my friend, but she might turn out to be my greatest enemy of all.

Things should be simpler now that I no longer have to pretend to be someone other than myself, but nothing could be further from the truth.

Bleakwood is under investigation. With the threat of closure hanging over us, I find myself tangled in a complicated web of yet more lies and secrets—lies and secrets that could determine the fate of this school and everyone in it, myself included.

With the future of Bleakwood in the balance, I soon find that the next great betrayal isn’t going to come from outside, from anyone else.

The next betrayal, the greatest betrayal of all, is going to come from me.


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