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The Forgotten Affinities

Analeigh Ford

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The Forgotten Affinities Book One

Earth. Psychic. Ritual. The three magical affinities. No mage has ever been chosen by all three…until now. 


My name is Octavia Hadley, and I am the mage who broke the affinity ritual. I have been at the New York Academy of Mages for less than one day and the school board already wants to strip me of my powers.


It would be a whole lot simpler if it didn’t also mean giving up on them—the four mages that I got paired up with: Kendall, my best friend’s twin brother, Draven, the leather-clad ritual mage, Cedric, the principal’s son, and Flynn, the only other mage who also has more than one affinity. 


The school board tells me I am mistake, but I know that isn’t right. This magic is mine, and I will find a way to keep it. My paired mages will fight beside me even if it means losing everything—so long as it means they don’t have to lose me too.


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The Forgotten Affinities Book Two

I thought I was going to lose everything, but I’ve been given a second chance.

I have three months to prove I can control my powers. This time, I am going to have to do it alone. 

The…incident…at Homecoming left the New York Academy of Mages reeling. I don’t mind that Whitney fears me, so long as it means she leaves me alone. But I don’t like the feeling that my best friend might be beginning to become afraid of me as well.

They aren’t the only ones acting strangely.

The principal is suddenly acting on my behalf even though he was the one to try and get my powers stripped in the first place. Draven says he’s out of the mage crime syndicate for good, but even I know that those kinds of organizations don’t let mages like him go. Not really, not ever. I want to believe that the affection Flynn is showing me is genuine, but instead I get the feeling that he’s keeping a secret from me.

Even Kendall is acting distant and brooding, and I don’t know why. Cedric is the only one among them who’s acting normal—until I suggest his father’s uncharacteristic kindness might be rooted in something sinister. 

There are plans at work here that I am only beginning to understand. Even now, with everything I know, it may already be too late.


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The Forgotten Affinities Book Three

There is no escape from The Underground. 

The most notorious crime syndicate in New York City has its reputation for a reason. When I traded my powers for protection, I didn’t understand the stipulations that came with it. If I had, I never would have made this choice.

I finally found something worse than losing my powers, and it’s losing the reason I have them in the first place. I stole from my paired mages when I brought them here. For Kendall, I took his twin. From Cedric, his wealth. From Flynn, his studies. From Draven, I took his freedom.

The Underground is changing us. Whether or not we make it out alive, we’ll never be the same mages we were when we went in. Change can be a good thing, but not when it threatens the very fiber that once defined me. 

There are things you can’t come back from, and I’m afraid this is one of them.


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The Forgotten Affinities series is on hold but will be completed eventually.

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