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Paperback Signed Copy of Wolf Bonded (Book One of Wolfish series) by Eden Beck.



A year on the run, and this is where it’s led me. 

North Port, Washington—the last place you’d expect to run into a pack of wolf shifters. 

Especially when up until now, I didn't know they existed.

When I first arrive, Rory, Marlowe, and Kaleb are about as eager to tell me the truth of their nature as I am to call up my abusive father and let him know exactly where to find me. They have a reputation to uphold and me … I have a reputation to avoid. I need to stay hidden. I need to stay safe.

Or else he’ll find me, just as he always has.

But there’s a problem with that.

I’m not very good at staying hidden, and these boys…they’re not very good at keeping secrets. 

Between the four of us, we’re bound to run into chaos. Just like we’re bound in other ways.

Wolf Bonded Signed Paperback

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  • *Current stock is shipping the first week of December. I ship via media mail which may be extra delayed due to the holiday rush. If you are purchasing as a gift and want to make sure it arrives before December 25th, please purchase one of the faster shipping options.

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