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Paperback Signed Copy of Alpha Rising (Book Two of Feral Mates series) by Eden Beck and Sabrina Thatcher.


The alpha has returned to his pack. 

But our welcome is far from warm. 

After all, we’ve brought with us a slew of problems.

A turned human.

A rogue succubus.

A rival pack on our heels. 

I’m not dead yet, but whether or not I make it out alive is still yet to be seen. Roman, Elon, and Teague might do their best to protect me, but they can only do so much. Especially when it seems like their entire world is out to get me.

And it’s not just the shifters. 

We’ve awoken an ancient rivalry, one that can only end one way. In the shedding of blood.

In Roman’s absence the Nashville pack has fallen into chaos—a pack now hardly fitting to protect us from Rylan’s impending ruin. But they’re all we have.

And Roman … Roman is all they have. All their hope.

And he won’t take his place, so it’s going to have to fall on someone else to do it.

That someone, it seems, is me.

Alpha Rising Signed Paperback

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  • *Current stock is shipping the first week of December. I ship via media mail which may be extra delayed due to the holiday rush. If you are purchasing as a gift and want to make sure it arrives before December 25th, please purchase one of the faster shipping options.

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